Fox Linen Service

The Linen Company That Understands Your Business

Fox Linen is a large capacity, state of the art, linen rental and commercial laundry facility, specializing in housekeeping and food and beverage linen laundering. We understand the needs and challenges of the fast paced hospitality industry, and have trucks in route near your facility each and every day.


Why Should You Use FOX LINEN?
  • Every person that handles your account is a family member with vested interest in your success.
  • Despite our size, we know every customer by name, and will never ask for an account number. We know your needs and remember your concerns.
  • Your business and concerns are given immediate attention 24/7. In addition, our proactive approach will often eliminate problems before they happen. If however, there should be an issue, we can reroute a truck to your location.
  • Our motto is "get it done now, get it done right".
Fox Linen Service | 200 Wilson Street, Bldg. D4 | Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776
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