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Fox Linen Service was born December 4, 1974. There was no processing laundry, no warehouse, no real inventory to speak of, just a dream to be realized. I had worked in the linen and commercial laundry industry with Standard Linen Service in 1967.

I started the company with a used Dodge van, a few aprons and towels and a mission. I learned about the hospitality industry, to which I have always done business with. I formed an appreciation for the owners, managers and general workers of these restaurants, catering halls and country clubs and various other related businesses. I experienced their daily duties and problems and soon learned that it was the People that really counted, not a tablecloth or napkin or any other item it took to serve the account. Any linen company should be able to deliver clean linen, that’s our job. I wanted to do it better! Priorities, problems and specific issues with people, that’s what I was concerned with. Understanding and cooperation became the important scope of Fox Linen.

From the first week of doing business ($85.00) to the present, Fox Linen has grown to be an independent linen service in the New York Metro area, branching out to New England and as far south, to Delaware. We started out as a “one-man” company to a business that employs over sixty dedicated people and is still on the rise. In 2014, Fox will invest over a million dollars in production machinery and improvements to better serve all of our customers.

The philosophy is simple. Promise the Customer anything but make sure you give them more. Sell value, not price. Make your Customer loyal, not just satisfied.

George Sundel, President

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