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Restaurants and food establishments have enough problems on a day to day basis to keep them occupied 365 days per year. The last problem that they need is to worry about or deal with linen or laundry.

We, at Fox Linen, realize that linen is probably a burden to the restaurant owner or manager due to the fact that linen is a necessity, but does not make any money in a direct way. We take the stress out of your hands and change it to “Auto-Pilot”.

Our service people will gladly re-stock your shelves or closet with clean, crisp linen or deliver the product anywhere you would like. We then pick up all soil and before you know it, we are out of your way, so that you and your staff can concentrate on “running” your business.

And don’t forget, if a problem arises, we will make it right. We have a 365 special delivery policy, even at night and on holidays. You will never be left stranded!

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