There are many reason why you should use a linen supply company rather than purchasing and self-cleaning the items. The following are some of the most important to your business:

  • No Capital Investment: Your Linen Supply company makes the initial investment
  • Increase Profitability: By outsourcing, you eliminate the variable costs from an on-premise laundry
  • Cost Containment: With a rental service, you pay a fixed amount
  • Image Enhancement: Your customer-service business will shine with linen service
  • Customer Preference: Customers prefer the look, feel and smell of clean, professionally-cleaned linen
  • Customized Tailored Programs: A linen supply company will work with you to determine a delivery schedule and inventory that meets your needs
  • Versatility of Selection: A linen supply company has many styles and colors of linen to choose from
  • Repeat Business: A clean, professional image keeps customers coming back
  • Eliminate Waste: Reusable linen is the best environmental option for the conscious hospitality manager
  • Professional Service: You are guaranteed clean linen an on-time delivery when you go with a professional linen supply company.
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